This site hosts an important amount of .psy files made by different users of the Psycle music studio Tracker.
Among them, there are the entries of the different compos that we ran at Psycledelics.

You can find more information about psycle itself and the user community at psycledelic's site and in our wiki.

Users are free to ask for some space here, to host their .psy's to share with the rest of us. To do so, the best way is to meet us in the IRC at the EfNet network, channel #psycle. (by the nicks of alk, JosepMa or bohan) You can do so easily from this link or directly at http://chat.efnet.org/, specifying #psycle as the channel.

The Competitions

During the years, several compos were organized and reviewed, and their content is stored here. For more information about each of the entries, you should better browse it from the wiki at http://psycle.wikia.com/wiki/Compos

The users' content

The following is the list of directories contained in this site, sorted by their authors

Disclaimer notice:

This site holds files which are either public domain, or that are copyrighted by the people who actually upload them*. As such, the contents should be considered completely legal and free to obtain and listen.
This site offers no rights to redistribution. Such rights should be obtained from the authors themselves.

* a small amount of the files were uploaded here in order to keep them or by other people with permision from the authors. Such a case is the enties for the compos.

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